What is sapiosexual orientation? Important signs that you might be one

Maybe you heard about sapiosexual orientation and you did not know what this means. Well, find out from this article and you’ll be surprised.

Sapiosexual is a newly constructed word, being considered a neologism, which entered the common language, especially on social networking sites, the place where people identify themselves as sapiosexual, this being a new type of sexual attraction. More and more people, according to NorskeAnmeldelser reviews, claim to be sapiosexual. If you have not heard of this category, keep reading this article because you will find out very interesting things.

What is a sapiosexual?

“Sapiosexual” is a newly constructed word (neologism) that has entered the common language, especially on social networking sites, the place where people self-identify as sapiosexual. The word is formed by concatenating the Latin roots “sapio” from “sapiens”“wise” or “intelligent” (itself derived from “sapere” translated as “taste” or rather “power to discern”) and “sexualis” Because it refers to “sexual preferences”.

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On social networking sites, such as Academic singles, you can meet people who say they are sapiosexual. The most important thing would be to know what this term is about, how it appeared, and what it consists of. You can meet interesting people on this dating site and it would be a shame not to take part in the discussion.

Sapiosexuality involves attraction to a person, not so much in terms of his physical appearance, but in terms of his intelligence. More and more women are attracted to men who fall within these norms of intelligence. Sapiosexuals are attracted to either sex because of deep admiration for their wisdom.

Are you sapiosexual or not? How do you know?

Have you ever been in a conversation with a person and realized that their intellect attracts you more than your physique? Or do you like the way he debates a subject more and the way he smiles less? 

Well, you might be a sapiosexual. The term is a hybrid, formed by combining the Latin words “sapiens” (wisdom) and “sexualis” (sexual preference). In other words, you are attracted to a person’s intelligence and mental capacity and less to the way they look. This does not mean that you choose the company of less attractive people, but that you feel sexually attracted only to extremely intelligent people. OK, so let’s get to work. How do you know that your sexuality falls into the “sapiosexual” category? How we appreciate each other’s intellect may vary, but here are some signs that might tell you.

You like it when someone speaks grammatically correct

An ordinary hanging line will not turn him on. He will be delighted, however, to hear someone speak correctly, on current topics, scientific discoveries, and more. A sapiosexual in a conversation with a potential intelligent partner, with a harmonious and well-argued speech, will want to repeat the experience as soon as possible. If you want to conquer a sapiosexual, you must always have the right and, above all, correct words with you!

Conflicts with a sapiosexual partner revolve around intellectual issues

A relationship with a sapiosexual is reduced to conflicts based on differences of opinion, as each of the partners will bring difficult arguments in favor of their theory. However, the ability of a potential partner to support his or her point of view with well-constructed arguments is well seen by a sapiosexual.


A sapiosexual knows that being an itinerant encyclopedia is not enough, so he has his homework done on emotional intelligence, being able to “read” the emotions of those around him and give appropriate reactions.