Having a German Partner: Cons and Pros

Germany is a western European country with a population of 83.2 million people (2020) and its capital, Berlin has 3.3 million inhabitants. The official language is German.

Germans are great people making giant strides in all aspects of life such as in business and economy, manufacturing, health, sports, education, travel and tourism, love and relationships etcetera. If you are looking to date a German, you can read about dating platforms like New Honey on reviews websites such as Erfahrungenscout.de to know the right platform to search for a German partner. In a relationship, having a German partner has its pros and cons which is what this article tries to point out.

Let’s begin with the Pros.

1) Learning the German Language

One of the easiest ways to learn the German language is by dating a German. This will avail you an automatic privilege to learn the language as fast as possible provided you are interested in learning it which could be very beneficial to you in communication and otherwise.

2) Exposure to German foods

Germans are foodies and dating a German means you are ready to eat food and snacks outside the usual ones you have in your home country. So be ready to be spoilt with German groceries which sometimes could be weird. And if you are new in the country, you need not worry as your partner would always refer or take you to the restaurant to eat their food which is not hard to come by.

3) Germans are sports lovers

You probably love sports but you never had someone to encourage and bring out the best in you. Dating a German will certainly be a plus to you as your partner who is already a sports lover will initiate you into it and in no time, you’ll see yourself doing your best in whatever field of sport that have your interest.

4) Loving and nice people

A typical German is loving, nice and kind. Dating a German means you are to receive all these which may not be the case dating someone from another country. They are nice, very caring and loving. Surely not something to regret if you can reciprocate the love.

5) Citizenship

if you are seeking to nationalize in Germany, dating or marrying a German may speed up the process for you. German laws provide free citizenship to foreigners who marry their citizens.

Now let’s look at the cons:

1) Fashion

Like food, Germans like to have who they are dating to adopt their fashion style. As a non-German, your fashion style may differ from theirs and that’s ok but dating a German means you would have to do more than the usual fashion style from your country home by adopting the German style. They hardly dress formal.

2) Some of their food and snacks are weird

These weird types of food would probably be unfamiliar to you. So, dating a German means you should be ready to see these foods regularly and sometimes be a partaker even if you don’t like them.

3) Germans love beer

Dating a German means you might have to start drinking beer as most Germans are great beer drinkers. In the event of otherwise, have a rethink before you start a date with a German. They are rated 2nd highest beer drinkers in the world only second to the Czechs. This might bring some disconnect especially if you are avoiding alcohol.

4) You can’t be a good lover if you don’t love sports

Little wonder they are one of the successful countries in terms of sports medals. If you are not a sports lover, just know that you may not be a good partner to a German as they love who loves sports too. Most of their time outside work is dedicated to sports activities. So, love sport or don’t date a German.

5) Music taste

Germans have their style of music which may not fancy you. They mostly like classical music. This means you’ll be listening to this genre of music whether you fancy it or not provided you are dating a German.