Men’s Fedora Hats to Make You Look More Charming

If you can get some hats made from felt which have an extended crease right across the crown and has sides and front which are pinched, then you sure have got probably the most stylish men’s fedora hats. These fedora hats normally have hat bands to make them look more appealing and also have brims which go around the whole area of the hats. The only distinction between a fedora and a trilby is that the trilby features a brim which is shorter as well as the rear side of the brim is upturned sharply.

Throughout the eighteen hundreds, these hats were made trendy and become a significant part of men’s fashion accessories. This specific hat was extensively trendy and was available for nearly one hundred years and after that several similar hats came into being with various designs and colours too.

The fantastic period as well as the prohibition period brought about a huge desire for white hats which were extended in demand amongst different gang members. Though a lot of fedora hat users chosen crimson, black or brown, white hats surely were in greater demand that the majority of the other. Such hats were made very popular by movie actors during the early 50’s for the basic fact that it made a beautiful contrast to a normally boring backdrop. All actors of the specific period wore not just some white fedora hats but additionally matched it with a few great trench coats.

Sometime during 1950, these hats dropped its public interest and individuals progressed to other fashion accessories as well as in pretty much 30 years, white fedora hats made a return and is also still fashionable amongst style conscious people. Throughout the 80’s, many singers were seen sporting such fedora hats and therefore made them very popular. Because this accessory was popularised by singers throughout the 80s it no more was linked to the gangster world but was more synonymous towards the music industry.

A hat is not only an ornament anymore. It has definitely become a fundamental element of a dress suit and even more importantly, it has become a must give gift for any function. If you are an individual who likes to make a fashion statement, then such hats are the best choice. Now you can find lots of manufacturers that are making many such designs with assorted materials and certainly lots of new patterns too.

Why we love clothing! (and why you should too)

Clothing has been a way of expression since thousands of years. It tells us about a person for example where they might be from, which social status they have, what colors they like, what parts of their body they like, their taste and it can even reveal pieces of a person’s personality.

Especially women have been dressing with “purpose” since forever. Before humans started dressing to look good, clothing had a whole different purpose. Keeping us warm and protecting our skin from insects, rain, heat and much more.

In the victorian Era, big gowns made of silk and other decadent materials showed wealth and importance. The fashion wasn’t much rebellious and individual. Women expressed themselves with colors and accessories. The main purpose of fashion is this Era although was to shine more than the other women in your rank. There wasn’t much wiggle room for skirt length, neckline, sleeve form and such things. Society had strict rules for the way one dresses.

Nowadays, fashion is used much more as a personal expression and statement. Women use clothes for rebellion, to bring a body part in the foreground, and to tell a story of who they are. There are so many ways of dressing like chic and elegant, strong and powerful, rebellious and sexy, sporty, casual and cool and many more.

What we love about this is, that every women can be whoever they want. Of course mostly, women wear clothes to reflect who they are and what they like, but sometimes, they like to escape from reality and dress as someone we can’t always be. It can give strength and confidence to dress as you feel.

Here at Baciano, our mission is to cater to those women. We love using fashion to create different versions of a women. We understand how important it is to change little things once in a while and to create yourself new. We help making women shine.

Our main goal is to create clothing that makes women shine but also makes them feel good. The magic word is COMFORT. Soft materials and fitting designs are a must. This leads us to another reason why we love clothing so much. Digging through all the different materials and finding the perfect one is so exciting. Seeing out designs in different fabrics to choose the right one is fascinating. Every fabric tells a whole other story and we get to choose which story it will be.

Next to creating something for our customers to tell a story, we are also conceived to give them what they need. Warm clothes in the winter and light, airy clothes for summer. Nothing is more important for us than creating garments that can be worn for many years to any occasion. We are fascinated by the different purposes of clothes, and how they can change someone’s energy and appearance. Especially in the world of wholesale, where many wholesaler copy or mass produce garments, we are proud of creating special pieces that reflect our customers wishes and personalities.

After all those reasons for why we love clothing so much, here are some reason why you should love fashion as well.

Be the person you want to be! Wear whatever you want to wear and how you feel most comfortable with yourself. There are so many options and styles. Everyone can find their own style. And the best Part Is that fashion, like you, evolves. It pulls you into different direction and makes you discover new yous.