Find a date while on holiday in Portugal

Are you travelling to Portugal? Would you like to meet someone? You can indeed find a date in Portugal.

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Where to find a date in Portugal?

There are many ways to find a date in Portugal, from the old-fashioned ways of asking someone you meet on the street to dating apps and dating services. Second Love is a company that you can use to find love in Portugal. Read reviews, tips, compliments, and complaints about this company from real-world customers that have actually used those services so that you can make better-informed decisions for yourself.

Meeting People is Key

You’ll find that dating in Portugal is similar to that of dating in any other European country – or even around the world. In order to date someone in Portugal, you’ll need to meet people. Whether that is through a dating agency, a dating app, or in real life with events, on the street, or in your office.

The Dating Pool

The largest cities in Portugal are Porto and Lisbon. Their population is more cosmopolitan than the regional cities and towns. People in these cities are more used to foreigners and tourists and are a little be less shy when talking to foreigners. Smaller towns and cities in the more rural areas of Portugal are more conservative. However, that’s not to say they you will likely battle to find a date with someone. It just means that the dating pool is a little smaller.

Dating Apps or Meetings?

The best way to meet single people in Portugal is through dating platforms and services. That way you are sure that the person you are talking to is actually looking for the same thing. Sign up for these dating services and you might just be lucky to find your first date in Portugal on the first day.

Language Barrier and Dating

Of course, we need to address the language barrier. While you might not speak Portuguese, you must consider that most Portuguese don’t speak English. That could be a stumbling block. You can learn to speak Portuguese, or you can tailor your dating search for English speakers in Portugal. That will also narrow your search to a smaller dating pool. It means you may have a better chance of finding a date.

Smooth Conversation

When you do meet that someone that sparks your interest, create conversation and get to know the person. A coffee date is regarded as socially acceptable in Portugal. You’ll find that most people actually prefer to meet in coffee shops, parks, and beaches for a first date. Conversation is key to finding out more about the other person. Enter into light discussions about their life, their activities and pastimes, ask about their city and engage the person to share more about themselves with you while you also share insights about yourself. Dating is about getting to know people. Your date in Portugal might not be perfect for you, but you’ve just made a new friend.